Columbia County, NY

Infected: (Believed to be) Summer 2018
Diagnosed: October 2018
Current Health: “Treated, 1 year out, no symptoms, feeling great.”

“My name is Seth. [I am] 38. I believe I was infected in the Summer 2018. I found a tiny embedded tick on my leg. I quickly removed it. It seemed to be already dead. After that I had no rash or bullseye or anything.

“Fast forward to Fall in October shortly after my birthday. I began feeling sore all over and tired all the time. I work long hours so just chalked it up to lack of sleep and maybe bad nutrition. Then my neck got really stiff, like whiplash. I couldn’t sleep it hurt so bad. I couldn’t get comfortable. Then I noticed my hair hurt? It was painful to touch the top of my head! Soon after I had flu-like symptoms and was white as a ghost. That’s when the wife said, ‘Clinic now!!’

“So I went and had my blood drawn. And sure enough, full blown Lyme. I got on the antibiotic and quickly bounced back. The doctor told me I caught it early enough to treat and cure. I hope he was right.

“It’s been 1 year now, no symptoms and feel great. However, I’ve had several ticks on me since. Not embedded, I catch them, but they are always on my left hand? First couple times coincidence, ok. But now it’s been 4,5,6 times. I’ve lost count! Never right hand or anywhere else on my body. Rationally, yes I can feel them crawling on my hand because of nerve endings. But it’s really weird. Always left hand. It’s freaking me out. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Just had one again tonight on my left hand which caused me to put this out there.”

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  1. Not on my left arm, left leg yes. So glad to hear you are so much better and your treatment was a success. What treatment did you undergo?

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