Singer songwriter

Infected: 2014
Diagnosed: 2013
Current health: “I am about 95 percent better. I am still on and off various antibiotics and Chinese herbs, but there is light.

Unless eradicated very early, Lyme is not curable. You strive to ‘bang it into submission,’ as my heroic Lyme doctor says, and hope not to be in the forty percent-or-so who relapse. -Dana Parish

Singer-songwriter Dana Parish, who has numerous chart-topping singles (including “Not My Problem” and “Let it Go By”) and collaborations with husband Andrew Hollander, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Celine Dion, Jacquie Lee, and Idina Menzel, among others, has also struggled with Lyme disease.

Despite early antibiotic treatment after discovering a rash in early 2014, she continued to experience worsening symptoms. Two years and many medical consultations later, Dana is again on antibiotics with a confirmed diagnosis of persistent Lyme infection. She is “fighting the good fight,” but making progress.

Dana shared her story in this February issue of the Huffington Post in hopes of helping others to “be aware and be vigilant.”


 “How 11 TOP NYC Doctors Missed My Lyme Disease


Dana Parish

You can check out her music on her website:

Her latest album, Uncrushed, can be found on iTunes and Amazon.

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