We are proud to be sharing our Impact Reports with you. We have highlighted many of the science & prevention program results in the following yearly Impact Reports and Updates and have struggled to distill this down to the most impactful projects and achievements since our inception in 2012. As always, we are so very fortunate to be able to share that 100% of every dollar you give to Bay Area Lyme goes to scientific research and prevention programs.

Please take the time to appreciate the accomplishments made possible through donor contributions. Once you click the images below, you’ll be taken to an interactive report, allowing you to flip through all of the pages. For the best online readability, it’s best to view at full screen using the buttons on the bottom right or feel free to download as a PDF. Enjoy!


As we close out our 10th year, we are proud of the results and reach of our influence throughout the country. Many of the research projects and awareness program are now producing actionable results towards accurate diagnostics and novel therapeutic treatments for both acute and chronic Lyme disease. We are blessed to work with compassionate individuals, and we take responsibility and accountability to our donors very seriously. Your contribution is making a positive impact on the lives of individual Lyme sufferers. We are honored to share this 2023 Impact Update with you.

2023 Impact Update



In preparation for our ten-year anniversary Impact Report, we are most proud of our track record. We have fostered collaboration from coast to coast. We have incubated novel research. We have cultivated ideas from other disciplines and brought them into the field of Lyme. We have succeeded in creating the nation’s first Lyme disease biobank. And we have strategically funded over 100 research projects. But there is always more to do. We are a foundation that thrives on challenge and will not stop until there is a cure and an end to the suffering caused by this insidious disease. Enjoy our 2022 Impact Report.

Bay Area Lyme Impact Report 2012-2022



We are proud of our accomplishments and the reach of our influence as we enter into our 10th year in 2022. Many of our research projects and awareness programs are now producing actionable results towards accurate diagnostics and novel therapeutics for both acute and chronic Lyme disease. As we persist, we are honored to be sharing this 2021 Impact Report Update.

Bay Area Lyme Impact Update 2021



One of our inherent values is to always search for the silver lining. With this year’s pandemic and the science focused on “long-hauler” COVID, there has never been a better time to take a deeper look at tick-borne disease. We know the light shining on COVID will be translational to Lyme disease. We strive to be a beacon of hope and to set an example of the best way to truly impact people’s lives. Enjoy our 2020 Impact Update brochure.



2019 was quite a year for Bay Area Lyme Foundation. $3.2M was granted to impactful Lyme and tick-borne disease research projects. There is tremendous forward momentum for Lyme disease research as some of the early research we supported began to show significant clinical impact demonstrating promising progress against tick-borne diseases. Read more in the 2019 Impact Update brochure and the End of Year press release.