Bay Area Lyme Foundation has moved to a revised granting timeline. While we will still accept grant proposals on a rolling basis year round (as in the past), we will now review grants, other than the Emerging Leader Awards (ELA), at three times per year.

For grants outside the ELA process, we request grants to be submitted according to the following time frames:

  • Receipt by January 31  (to be reviewed by March 31)
  • Receipt by June 30  (to be reviewed by Aug 31)
  • Receipt by September 30  (to be reviewed by November 30)

For ELA grants, please click here for more information.

We accept applications from universities, hospitals, and independent research entities all over the United States. We cannot accept research proposals from outside the U.S.

Awardees are evaluated on their concepts, ideas, methods, and resourcefulness in bringing new vision into the field of Lyme disease research. Our mission is to fund research and development of novel diagnostics and treatments for Lyme disease.

Grant recipients do not need to have previous experience in Lyme disease research. Every year, we fund researchers who, while respected in their scientific areas of focus, have never previously leveraged their knowledge and abilities for research in Lyme disease.

Proposal Guidelines

Understanding and following the proposal guidelines below will give researchers the best chance to receive funding. You can download the application form here and please include the information below:

Detailed background on the science or technology underlying the proposal including successful use in other fields or indications

  • Specific aims of the proposal including hypotheses, methods, statistics
  • Timeline and milestones for completing specific aims  (including a Gantt chart)
  • Your complete contact information and proposal date
  • Please make sure the grant name, your name, and page numbers are included on every page.
  • Please attach a biosketch or CV
  • Associated costs, broken down by bucket and by aim. These include:
    • Personnel
    • Materials
    • Other costs (regulatory approvals, etc.)
    • We cover indirect costs at a 5% rate
    • We do not fund tuition or travel costs unless Bay Area Lyme Foundation invites the researchers to present results

Other considerations

Our foundation is very familiar with the great need for new discoveries, diagnostics and therapeutics in Lyme disease, so there is no need to spend much of the proposal on this topic. We do want to understand how your research will affect patients who are not easy to diagnose and treat. If applicable, please describe your approach to addressing early stage versus late stage Lyme disease.

Project Evaluation & Accountability

Project proposals are carefully screened by our Science Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board. Our confidential scientific proposal review process helps ensure that dollars granted go to the projects with the greatest potential impact. Once funded, projects are subject to continuous monitoring and review with additional funding contingent on successful progress.

For more information, please email info@bayarealyme.org.

To submit your application, please email award@bayarealyme.org.