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Ceres Nanosciences researcher Brianna Kim adds nanotraps to patient samples as part of the nanotrap Lyme antigen test.

In 2018, the Lyme Disease Biobank launched a donation program to study how these infections invade tissues. We are collecting samples from surgeries, with a focus on knee and hip replacements, and post-mortem samples. This program is provided at no cost to patients and families.

Each participant’s donation has the ability to provide samples for more than 60 research projects. There are three ways to get involved and help advance research:

1) Tell Your Patients About Future Organ Donation

All patients with Lyme disease are encouraged to register with Lyme Disease Biobank Tissue Program through our partner NDRI, and please also register with MyLymeData. Registering for the Lyme Disease Biobank Donation Program through our partner NDRI as a future donor of post-mortem organs is critical, as it is rarely possible to evaluate how tick-borne disease may infect vital organs such as a person’s heart and/or brain. By also providing information about symptoms and medical history to MyLymeData, donors can assist researchers in understanding the disease. More information can be found by visiting NDRI’s Private Donor Program website or by calling NDRI at 800-222-NDRI (6374), Option 5.

2) If Your Patients Are Having Surgery

If your patients are having surgery, the discarded material can be donated to this research program. Donors should register with MyLymeData to complete an authorization and eligibility screening prior to surgery. Based on a collaboration with MyLymeData, medical history provided to MyLymeData can be paired with the sample if the donor chooses this. More information, and appropriate forms for tissue and/or organ donation for Lyme disease research can be found by visiting NDRI’s Private Donor Program website or by calling 800-222-NDRI (6374), Option 5.

Process for Donations:

PDF Downloads

To learn more about this program, please read the LDB Tissue Program FAQs

Click here for a one-page printable handout about ways for patients to participate in the biobank.

Click here for a printable flyer for your patients about the donor collection program.


We would like to recognize and thank the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, the LaureL STEM Fund, and the 2018 Fund-a-Need supporters who have contributed significantly to our Lyme Disease Biobank.