Boundary County, ID

Infected: possibly as an infant
Diagnosed: 2008
Current health: “With the help of treatments and medicine from a naturopath, at 62, I feel better than I did when I was 18, possibly than ever.”

“The following is a brief summary of my experience with mercury poisoning, Lyme, and echinococcinum, and the medical profession. I hope it is helpful.

“As long as I can remember, until about age 55, my life has been 6 weeks with a cold and 2 weeks with a runny nose. I was always skinny, sickly, and did not have the strength or endurance of my peers. When I was 13, I got my first silver amalgam dental filling. That is when I started having regular headaches. When I was 18, I was in a motorcycle accident. That is when serious cognitive issues and fibromyalgia began, which progressively got worse as I got older.

“By the time I was in my mid 40s, I could not deal with physical or emotional stress (I passed stress tests and would pass out if I experienced 1g in excess of gravity because my heart rate did not increase). I had trouble focusing my eyes, had terrible acid reflux,  ached all over, and had terrible irritable bowel syndrome [IBS]. I was not sleeping more than 1.5 hours per night; a sleep study revealed that I was bringing myself out of restorative sleep 80 times an hour when I did sleep. I had constant headaches and brain fog, an overwhelming feeling of fear and paranoia, was severely depressed, had trouble controlling my emotions, and my thoughts were confused and nonsensical.

“During this time, I went through a divorce and lost my job. I was a wreck. Doctors told me there was nothing physically wrong with me, I was just getting old, I was a hypochondriac, or it was psychosomatic. I had them test for Lyme and mercury poisoning and both tests came back negative. One doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia then told me they did not know what causes it, could not cure it, and could only treat the symptoms, but the drugs either did not work or the side effects were worse than the symptoms. I was ready to give up and die. When you are sick enough long enough, and there is no hope, the thought of dying is not so bad.

“To try and make a long story short a good friend recommended I try naturopaths. I found out the cause of my poor health was Lyme disease and mercury poisoning. I believe I got the mercury from my silver amalgam dental fillings which are 50% mercury. When I had my silver amalgam dental fillings removed, against the advice of my doctor and dentist, my acid reflux immediately quit. After chelation treatments to remove the mercury that was in my system/brain i could focus my eyes again and with glasses I was 20/13.

“Diet and nutrition helped tremendously. I learned that I was gluten intolerant, and among other things could not eat cooked meat, raw vegetables, soy, corn, nightshades, sugar, pasteurized milk, artificial sweeteners, or anything processed. I found that one of the few things I could eat was raw meat which still makes up most of my diet. Most people tell me they would rather die than eat meat raw. I used to feel that way and gagged when eating it for the first 2 weeks, but you would be surprised what you will do if you get sick and desperate enough.

“I started using a Rife machine for the Lyme disease. It has not cured the Lyme disease, but it helped manage the symptoms until about 5 or 6 years ago when my health started getting worse. I recently had a doctor test for echinococcinum, a parasite that is spread by wolves. The test results were negative, but when I tried my Rife machine for the disease, I got a severe reaction. I have continued using my Rife machine for echinococcinum for the last 4 months and my health has improved greatly. With the help of treatments and medicine from a naturopath, at 62, I feel better than I did when I was 18, possibly than ever.

“I am thankful for surviving what many people have not and feel like I have been given a second chance at life. I thank God daily for my many blessings and try to be the best person I can. I occasionally wonder what my life would have been like had I not been sick, but every time I do, I see someone that is worse off than me and am embarrassed for feeling sorry for myself. I have probably made more mistakes and have more regrets than most. I pray daily for those I have wronged to forgive me and for me to have the wisdom and understanding to forgive those that have wronged me.

“I was told repeatedly by doctors and dentists that silver amalgam dental fillings are inert and I cannot get poisoned from them. The American Medical Association (AMA) and American Dental Association (ADA) did not tell them there was any such thing as galvanic corrosion. When you put dissimilar metals in a conductive fluid, such as saliva, you get a tiny electric current and corrosion. When the dentist went to remove my fillings he said several of my fillings were severely eroded. How did that happen if they are inert and where did that filling material go? I believe the reason the AMA’s blood test for mercury did not detect the very high levels of mercury in my brain is that it only tested for mercury in my blood. Mercury has a very short residence time in the blood. It is very quickly absorbed by the brain and fat. My brain was full of mercury, but there was very little in my blood so the AMA test showed little mercury. I do not believe my former paranoia is talking when I say the reason for the AMA’s approved test for mercury is to avoid the lawsuits that would ensue if people learned they were full of mercury from their silver amalgam dental fillings. Publicly traded companies have only one goal and that is to make a profit, period. They do not care if the masses are tortured or killed in the process.

“In the case of Lyme and echinococcinum, they are both very hardy parasites that overwhelm the body’s immune system. When the immune system is stressed for a long period of time it gives up and shuts down. The AMA tests for Lyme and echinococcinum test for antibodies. In my case it had been a long period of time from when I contracted these diseases before I was tested. My immune system had been severely stressed for a long time and had shut down; there were little or no antibodies. Even though I had the parasites, the tests were negative and the doctors concluded I did not have the disease. I believe the AMA’s decision to use tests that often give false negatives is based on the fact that drug companies make a lot more money treating symptoms than they do curing a disease. If you cure someone, they buy a small amount of medicine. If you keep them sick and treat the symptoms, they buy your drug for the rest of their life. If you think large publicly traded companies have your best interest at heart — and that most definitely includes drug companies — you need to face reality and smell the manure.”

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I, too, had severe mercury poisoning in the mid 20s. Went through chelation therapy but never really got fully better. I always have pains like arthritis or what they like to call fibromyalgia. I fell very ill in March and had to go on disability. They tested me for everything but when I went to my one dr I had to pay for all the tests the other Drs stated they did. I had Lyme test done 7 times and it was always negative. I just paid over $5000 for all my tests and it came back positive. The more I am reading on this disease, the more discouraged I have gotten. My dr is treating it with antibiotics, fungal meds, yeast meds, etc. and after doing so much research all I hear is no one really gets better on antibiotic if they are chronic. I think for me the mercury poisoning and Lyme started around the same time and since I was off the chart for mercury no one tested for Lyme.

    Now, I am sitting here trying to find another dr that can help and give me a different opinion. I have a dr in Colorado who is from NASA who found my mercury poisoning after 4 years of other Drs telling me it was in my head or I was making it all up! Ugh that makes me so mad. So I am thinking about taking all my tests results and seeing what he says. I hear he has been very successful in getting people better without all the meds.
    And Dr Klinghardt is the next one I hope to see if Dr Billica in Colorado doesn’t help. I feel we are just guinea pigs seeing what really works on us.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I don’t feel as alone. I too am like you looking back on my life and how sick I have been and missed out on my kids and went through a divorce all because of this; I feel my life has been ripped off. And like I tell my kids, you’re entitled to those feelings. That doesn’t mean you stay there. I don’t want to stay there but lately after getting this diagnoses and how awful I feel I truly am just at a loss for words. Thanks again for sharing your story.

  2. Thank you so much for this. A dentist scraped my amalgam filling a year and a half ago. I swallowed part, and the remaining started to corrode in my mouth. Nobody would remove my amalgam fillings. I felt as if I was dying. A year and a half later, $22,000, 4 chelations and 4 IV ozone treatments, I finally found a doctor who would test me for Lyme disease… in Mexico. I’m finishing antibiotics in the next 2 weeks and have recently started using Rife sounds from Youtube. I thought I might be self-creating my recovery using Rife sounds, but you’ve confirmed that they really work! You’ve given me hope for the future. Thank you.

  3. I’m interested in your ongoing experience with raw meat diet. I’m currently eating an all raw meat diet and on occasion eat nuts. How are you doing? Thank you for any info

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