Plumas County, CA

Infected: Unknown
Diagnosed: June 2014
Current health: “Finally, a survivor. Off antibiotics and well enough to have hiked the PCT!”

“The journey through Lyme disease is a long and painful experience. Even though it is sometimes excruciating to put one foot in front of the other, it must be done. Keep walking. Keep fighting. Never give up!” –Kelly W.

“I am a wildlife biologist, writer, Lyme disease survivor, and a proud member of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) Class of 2017. I live in northeastern California.

“I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in June 2014 and Bartonella in April 2015 after experiencing years of unexplained health issues. My dream of thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail began as a means of fighting Lyme disease. In January 2015, as a first step toward hiking the PCT, I committed to backpacking at least once in every month of the year. More than three years later, my monthly backpacking streak remains unbroken.

“I started my blog to share my experiences with those who are struggling with Lyme disease or other chronic illnesses, with those who have a loved one struggling with illness, or those who may be interested in my story.”

You can read about Kelly’s story on her blog, Life Beyond Lyme, or follow her on Instagram.


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