Drew M. Lyme Story

Portola Valley, CA

Infected: 2003
Diagnosed: 2020

I contracted Lyme as a kid growing up in Portola Valley, CA. I got several tick bites growing up, probably coming from mountain biking on trails in Portola Valley or from our family dog who roamed the trails with us. I started to be affected significantly by Lyme as a senior in college. I went a few years without being diagnosed and battled symptoms of fatigue, feeling unwell, gut health issues, and cognitive decline until I was diagnosed in July 2020. Since then, I have been treating Lyme and several co-infections and steadily improving! I plan on being free of Lyme and fully recovered by the summer of 2023. I think Lyme most of all is a mental battle. From the trials and tribulations to getting diagnosed, the toughness of the treatment, and the neurological symptoms, dealing with Lyme is extremely mentally challenging. I’m most proud of my perseverance in dealing with Lyme disease.

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