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Lyme disease today is where cancer was 40 years ago…
Why are we always starting from scratch?
Scientists from adjacent disciplines like cancer, biology, and immunology should be brought under the tent.

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Neil Spector, MD
Scientific Advisory Board Member

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Many, many thanks for your program research. I was one of the senders of a tick to your free testing program. As a Chronic Lyme sufferer, it is heartening to know there are research programs as yours that are on the battlefront of understanding Lyme, its co-infections and providing information to the public of this epidemic.

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Charles Youmans

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I was both moved and extremely impressed at LymeAid 2018 by the depth and breadth of your efforts. Your have done a great job distinguishing your focus among all of the various Lyme organizations. Huge kudos.

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Dean Radetsky

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With the support of the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, we at UCSF are working to develop a cheap, sensitive, and accurate test for Lyme disease to prevent later complications.

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Charles Chiu

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The response we have gotten from our field staff who have received the trainings and tick-check signage has been tremendous. It has increased their awareness of Lyme disease and given them the tools to reduce exposure to ticks in the field.

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Nate Tucker
Health and Safety Officer, California State Parks

Our Approach

Directed Funding for Lyme Projects

Leveraging innovative technologies from other fields of medicine to fuel new breakthroughs in Lyme and tick ecology, diagnostics, and treatments

Rigorous Screening & Accountability

Ensuring that dollars granted go to the projects with the greatest potential impact and results deliver on promises

100% Donation Impact

Thanks to the generous support of a private donor, 100% of funds raised go directly to research and prevention programs

Networking & Scale

Providing tools and resources to help connect the innovators in the field and speed solutions to market

Community Outreach

Ensuring accurate and reliable information is available to the public through digital, print, and social media, and community programs. Learn more.

The Many Faces of Lyme

Calla J.
RHONY star Ramona Singer

Mark G.

San Diego, CA
"Lyme Disease has been the greatest teacher that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone."
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Nelle F.
Runner Robby A.
Nicole K.
Author Holly Chamelli
Cassie M.

Milena G.

Los Angeles, CA
" I was living in a body no longer my own, one ravaged by Lyme."
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Justin Bieber

Joan A.

Chevy Chase, MD
"I would say if you have a bite—get to the right doctor for testing. Don’t rely on the CDC tests."
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Meghan W.

Cortlandt Manor, NY
"CBD has helped me live in less pain from Lyme disease"
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Danie V.
Walter H.

Justin M.

Foxboro, MA
"Lyme is truly a debilitating disease, especially for those that can't afford it."
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Evan G.
Amanda K.

Drew M.

Portola Valley, CA
"I think Lyme most of all is a mental battle."
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Christina K.

San Diego / Joshua Tree, CA
"I have made a conscious decision to choose an attitude and intention of thriving."
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Grace S.

Hilliard, OH
"I do not remember being bitten by a tick, so I felt it was impossible that I could have Lyme."
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Dominic S.

Groningen, Netherlands
"Lyme Disease is real, it isn’t a joke."
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Nikki K.
Tom J.
Congressman Berkley Bedell
Mary-Margaret R.

Ben A.

Long Island, NY
"My healing journey started with antibiotics, but they only provided temporary relief."
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Thaiadora D.

Emily F.

Medfield, MA
"It felt like each day I was adding new symptoms that had nothing to do with the last..."
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Sarah N.
Nancy D.
Tasha R.
Sarah M.
Matthew G.
Deanna T.
Suzanne P.
Chloe L.