Alix M.

Santa Clara County, CA

Infected: 1991
Diagnosed: 2009
Current health: stopped treatment in 2012, substantial recovery

Chronic Lyme is a living death…  -Alix M.

Alix fought Lyme disease for decades before she was properly diagnosed. She was first told she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and then Lupus. “Classic Lyme misdiagnoses,” she said. “Of course I never had either condition.”

Alix is a feisty, witty writer, blogger and publisher. She is not a writer by trade—she holds an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern University. Prior to falling ill with Lyme, Alix was a twenty-something in her dream career, managing a worldwide group for Apple, Inc. She was forced to take a medical leave when mounting Lyme symptoms disabled her body and stole her ability to read anything more complicated than Real Simple magazine. “My life felt like a living death,” she said, “due to profound pain, nausea, and cognitive difficulties that stripped away my personality.”

As a research professional who could no longer work, Alix focused her personal research on natural health. During her recovery, she published almost 900 articles for a variety of websites and won two awards. Writing was her cognitive rehab and a way to communicate what she had trouble expressing in person.

“Sometimes you reinvent yourself because you want to, and sometimes you do it because you have to,” says Alix. She has transformed what began as a crippling setback into a new identity as a writer and activist. Ever the entrepreneur, Alix started her own business as a health coach. Alix’s story is a constant reminder that difficult and even life-threatening circumstances may also bring new ways to grow and to thrive.

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  1. Hi my name is Nick. I’ve been diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease 8 months ago but I had Lyme disease for two and a half years now. I pray every night to get my body better. I have gut problems and with my gut problems I can’t consume that much calories. I already saw a GI doctor. I got an upper and lower GI done; everything looked good on that part. I’m having bladder problems where I have leakage down there. I see the bladder doctor soon see if there’s any scar damage or anything. I get chronic back pains but most of the time is my lower and mid back and I have red splotches on my back. My throat bothers me — it feels like something’s in there. I just saw an ears-nose-throat doctor. Everything looks good on that part but I have to set up a another appointment with my GI doctor to get a upper lower GI done to see what’s going on with my throat. I have more anxiety, depression, and fatigue. I can’t work out what I used to do. I see videos of these people that have chronic Lyme disease and 60-75% people get better. It really makes me upset that people have to have money or top insurance to get treated. Lyme disease can give you like Cole infections toxic metals and toxicity that Lyme disease can give you. Sometimes I feel like giving up but I can’t do that. I’m reaching out to anyone that reads this message. PS I don’t seem that much calories. I am 5 9 and 144 lb and that’s skinny — I used to be a 170 lbs.

    1. Otis, same thing happened with me, I am still searching. who can tell what is in my throat, and stomach, I thing is there who can eat my power. I am with you be strong. there is no any medicine for this.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, Alix. Would it be possible to find out which doctor helped you? I am hitting a wall finding a Lyme literate physician in the Bay area. Thank you!

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