Michelle T.

Marin County, CA

Infected: 2001
Diagnosed: 2003
Cured: still waiting, but much better

Are we gonna beat this? Absolutely. Can we find a cure? Absolutely.  -Michelle T.

Michelle’s mantra? Stay positive.

It isn’t always easy. Michelle maintains a sparkling attitude, despite years haunted by pain and confusion.

Michelle is an avid hiker, and was bitten by an infected tick while hiking in and around Mendocino County. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease two years after her first symptoms appeared. Before proper diagnosis, she was told that she had mono, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and finally, that it was “all in her head.” Finally, she had her answer—that it was Lyme — but her struggle was far from over. Michelle had recently given birth at the time of diagnosis, and her son was showing symptoms of active Lyme infection. At ten months old, her son tested positive for Lyme disease.

After much painful soul-searching, Michelle and her doctors decided to put her son on antibiotics. He began gaining weight and crawling. He is still being aggressively treated for Lyme, and Michelle reports that it is devastating to watch her son struggle with the disease. Stress and fatigue cause massive flare-ups. Despite setbacks, Michelle is an absolute pillar of strength, and a loving mother.

“I’m not a victim,” says Michelle. She enjoys life to the fullest, and her joyful, positive spirit is one of her greatest weapons in her battle against Lyme disease.

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