Ticks and Lyme disease are far too common and not at all discriminating. There are over 329,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year in the US and more than half a million Americans suffering from long-term or late-stage Lyme disease. Some are fortunate to be diagnosed and treated early, but for some the path to a cure is long and challenging.  Here we share some powerful stories of resilience and hope in the face of this debilitating and perplexing disease.

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Cassidy C.
Eddie S.
Parker Posey
Parker Posey
Musician Elijah Blue Allman
Triathlete Mary Beth Ellis
Topeka Mayor Michelle de la Isla
Painter John Bramblitt
Fontayne F.
Fontayne F.

Mary Sue A.

Monterey County, CA
"I will do everything in my power to help prevent this disease!"
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Elet Hall

Freerunner, Parkour Athlete, and American Ninja Warrior
"I just want to get my body to a point where I can do what I want to do."
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Boxer Mikkel Kessler

Mark Dawson

International Rugby star
"Ticks carry some really potent bacteria. Raising awareness is imperative.""
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US Track Star Perry Fields
Avril Lavigne

Marjorie H.

Morris County, NJ
"Seeking answers and advocating for ourselves and our families is important!"
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Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller
Courtesy of Independent Sports News
Olympian Kristen Sweetland
Patrick P.

Kevin S.

Wake County, NC
"You are never beyond hope."
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Crystal Harris
Author Eric Karlan
Reality TV star Irene McGee
Ella B.

Rachel H.

Santa Clara County, CA
"I no longer see my health journey as a curse."
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Andrew G.

Solano County, CA
"I believe my son, Andrew, was killed by Lyme."
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Ally Hilfiger
Peter Sarsgaard
Peter Sarsgaard
George W. Bush
George W. Bush
Lisa V.
Voice Contestant Ryan Quinn
Tori Foles

Bart Yasso

Competitive Racer & Running Legend
" I can do this. I can beat this thing."
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Dr. Kristin Honey

Laure W.

San Mateo County, CA
"I felt like I lost my life for almost two years..."
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Elena Delle Donne
Elena Delle Donne
Marisol Thomas
Author Jordan Fisher Smith
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
NHL player Lukas Bengtsson
Motorcross Racer Jimmy Decotis
Actor/Producer Ariel Stein
Olympian Christie Rampone

Author Kris Newby

Santa Clara County, CA
"It is unhealthy for a society to use language that blames the victim."
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Singer-songwriter Ben Kyle
Tennis pro Samantha Stosur
Dancer Brendan Saye
Musician Bill Chinnock
Susan B.
Susan B.

Sharane D.

Maricopa County, AZ
"I am going to do what I can to make sure no one else has to go through my nightmare."
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Laird C.

Spouse and caregiver
"It's a very, very scary situation to go through ... for the patient and for loved ones."
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Bella M.

Lee County, FL
"This is not easy. Life gets harder every day."
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Ashley Olsen
James D.

Brandon W.

Albemarle County, VA
"I hope one day we can find a cure to this terrible disease."
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Christy Turlington
Christy Turlington
Singer-songwriter Jesse Ruben
Louis S

Louis S.

San Mateo County, CA
"My mom says she remembers the day my personality came back."
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Wendy A.
Wendy A.

Dave Skidmore

Lehigh County, PA
"These days most people know someone with Lyme disease. That's a lot of someones."
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NHL player-coach Kirk Muller
PGA Golfer Tim Simpson
Brooke Landau
Brooke Landau
MiLB Player Jordan Yallen

Phil G.

Leelanau County, MI
"I’m finally starting to feel like myself again."
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Chef Kirk Haworth
“Real Housewife” Amber Marchese
Kelly Osbourne
Sharon W.
Competitive miler Drew Hunter
Tom Seaver
Tom Seaver
Singer Marina Morgan
Rocker Dave Mustaine
Ink Master Geary Morrill
Gabe Magnotta
PGA Champion Jimmy Walker

Karine B.

San Francisco County
"I did not accept that Lyme would be stronger than me."
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Ruben Lee Sims
Actress Karen Allen
Nenah Cherry
Nenah Cherry
Kris Kristofferson

Tommy F.

Middlesex County, MA
"I hope by sharing my story I can provide some insight into the daily life of this disease."
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Artist Peter Williams
Olivia G.
Mel Clarke
Para-Olympian Mel Clarke
Author Porochista Khakpour
Kathleen O.
Kathleen O.
Rebecca Wells
Rebecca Wells
Comedian Akilah Hughes

Sarah H.

Williamson County, TN
"I had no idea the tests were so inaccurate."
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Adventurer Ray Mears

Robert Buelteman

San Mateo County, CA
"I knew something was very wrong."
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Jesse Colin Young
Singer Songwriter Jesse Colin Young
Kathleen Hanna
Kathleen Hanna

Heather F.

Montgomery Country, MD
"Do not doubt yourself, but mostly, do not give up hope."
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Natalie N.

Lee County, FL
"I'm 22 and living like a hermit... Lyme has taken so much from me."
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Melissa M.
Melissa M.
Jazz-Hip Hop Artist Pete Philly
USA Triathlete Peter Weaver

Shona C.

San Francisco County, CA
"We can help each other take this day by day."
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Alix M.

Alix M.

Santa Clara County, CA
"Chronic Lyme is a living death"
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Soccer star Karel Poborsky
Anwar Hadid

Katherine H.

Sonoma County, CA
"The miracle happened when we were at the darkest point in Lyme disease."
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Pro Golfer Gary Player

Esmé Weijun Wang

San Francisco County, CA
"I'm chronically ill and afraid of being lazy."
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Whitfield W.
Debbie Gibson
Debbie Gibson
Enid H.

Mary Kate Robertson

'Duck Dynasty' star
"I hope the seriousness of this disease will start to get out there."
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Scott A.
Scott A.

Shymala H.

Contra Costa County, CA
"You are your own medical advocate ... Do NOT give up."
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Writer David Michael Conner
Lisa N.
Erika S.
Shania Twain


"People need to know. Lyme is the fastest-growing infectious disease in the world!"
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Allie C.

Westchester County, NY
"It's time to make some noise."
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Alice Walker
Alice Walker

Tory C.

Sonoma County, CA
"I will fight this disease and I will get my life back! "
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Lia G.

Lia G.

Alameda County, CA
"Lyme disease: it’s real, folks."
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BBC Reporter Allan Little
Amy Tan
Amy Tan
Gretchen Carlson
News Anchor Gretchen Carlson
Richard Gere
Richard Gere

Alan B.

Middlesex County, MA
"At some point, we will all be liberated from this nightmare."
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Author Andrew McGuinness

Kelly W.

Plumas County, CA
"The journey through Lyme disease is a long and painful experience."
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Pop artist Sonali Argade
UFC fighter Jim Miller

David D.

Boundary County, ID
"I have been given a second chance at life."
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Tracy Mulholland

Los Angeles County, CA
"I want to share my story, spread awareness about Lyme and give hope to those in pain."
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Samantha P.
Alex H.

Neil Spector, MD

Oncologist, Author, and Lyme patient
"I was in the active peak of my life, but it was like I was an old man."
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Marla Maples

Christina C.

Alameda County, CA
"Many people know very little about Lyme. I'm going to change that."
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Grace W.
Yolanda Foster
Yolanda Foster

Kayla D.

Harris County, TX
"It never occurred to me that something else could be going on."
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Pres. Toomas Hendrik Ilves
Actress Martine McCutcheon
Kirstie Alley

Camille A.

Spouse, mother, and caregiver
"The amount of suffering [from Lyme disease] is inexcusable!"
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Kyla C.

San Mateo County, CA
"Don't give up. You are not alone."
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Dana Parish

Singer Songwriter
"I had the CDC-recommended 21 days of Doxy... I fully believed I'd be okay."
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Bella Hadid

Shelby A.

Butte County, CA
"My hope is that one day Lyme disease will be treated quickly and correctly…"
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Ari S.

San Mateo County, CA
"Don’t try to do it on your own. It’s too hard. Get help."
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Kyle Morton
Kyle Morton
Tessa Wallace
Tessa Wallace
Brenton Tyler Hoffman
Brenton Tyler Hoffman
Erin Walker
Jane Alexander
Jocelyne B.
Jennifer Capriati

Daryl Hall

Musician, Hall & Oates
"People don't understand. Lyme disease is serious stuff."
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Sarah Donohue

County Carlow, Ireland
"There is light at the end of the tunnel."
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Jonathan Locke

Bernalillo County, NM
"Chronic Lyme is like stepping through the looking glass straight into Hell."
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Maisie M.

Washington, DC
"I am invisibly sick ... but I am at war with Lyme."
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Pete Seeger
HS Tennis Star Camryn C.

Briana B.

Butte County, CA
"I am ready to take back my life."
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Michelle T.

Michelle T.

Marin County, CA
"Are we gonna beat this? Absolutely. Can we find a cure? Absolutely."
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Trae V.

Trae V.

San Mateo County, CA
"Everyone knows somebody with Lyme — they just don’t know it yet."
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Outdoor explorer Lee Farmer
Singer-songwriter Jared Dylan

Jenn B.

Alameda County, CA
"I hope this account of my struggle helps educate the public and enlighten medical professionals."
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Kari M.

Kari M.

Sonoma County, CA
"Lyme is life-changing, pain, pain, and more pain."
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Entrepreneur John Caudwell
Angeli Vanlaanen

Angeli Vanlaanen

Professional Freeskiier
"My story of going years undiagnosed is all too common."
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