Lee County, FL

Infected:  Winter of 2010.
“I stepped in a tick nest. I never got the rash, [2010] is when doctors detect I was infected.”
Diagnosed: June 2014
Current health: “Treated but in pain.”

My name is Natalie. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 2014. I was infected in 2010. I’ve gone through treatment, but I now suffer due to the fact I got addicted to pain medication and now I’m scared to take anything for my pain. I’m 22 and living my life like a hermit. I have gotten treatment and I’m still fighting, but you never know when it’s inflamed again. I can’t afford this disease. It’s been thousands of dollars of guessing games. Can someone please help me with a cure, a foundation, advice?

Growing up not knowing why I felt so awful was hard. When we found out [it was Lyme], we thought it would be an easy fix. In 2018, at 22, I’m sitting on my couch writing this in Florida on a beautiful day. Because I’m in pain. And afraid to live. I channel a lot of what I go through into my art. Music on my YouTube channel, pictures from my modeling on Instagram, I would love to be considered the face of Lyme disease if I make it into the industry, and I’m working on a book.

Lyme disease has taken so much from me. But in February 2017, I learned I was pregnant with my ex’s child. I couldn’t have the baby because of the antibiotics I was on. My ex is now having a baby with another woman. Lyme disease has completely stolen my life, changed my brain and body chemistry, and due to the lack of knowledge on this disease, my family and friends do not give me much support. I’m truly at a loss.

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  1. Natalie, Be aware others have lyme like me and completely understand what you have and are going through. For me it will be Four years in September and its completely changed my life. I also understand a beautiful day and you mind is saying want to do so many things and yet you cannot from pain and lack of enegy,

  2. Hi,

    I am living in Netherland. I have Lyme disease symptoms but not coming infection in blood test. What should I need to do? I have stomach upset, pain in head, neck stiff, hard pain muscle and joint, heart beat out of control. I lost weight also.

    Please suggest what can I do. Nobody believe on me. Friends and family, they are saying all time it’s just normal fever or a viral flu.

    1. Robin, If you have reason to believe you have a tick-borne illness, we would suggest you speak with a specialist familiar with these diseases. The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) hosts an international physician directory and should be able to give you a referral for a care provider in your area. There may also be local support groups that you can contact if you try on facebook or simply searching google. We hope you can find some support and wish you good health.

    2. I’m living in Rotterdam. Go to Ikazia hospital and ask about Dr BRUGHTS. He diagnosed my lyme although it was very hard and I’m still having treatment with him. He is an internist. Go to your gp and ask about to be send to him.

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