Siskiyou County, CA

Infected: June 1990
Diagnosed: October 2017
Current Health: “Greatly improved though still fighting.”

Mela is a Lyme-survivor and Lyme-literate naturopathic health coach and counselor, who has used her own experience suffering with Lyme and other illnesses to inspire her practice with others. Here she shares her story More information about her practice can be found following the links below.

“Mela, like too many suffering from Lyme, was misdiagnosed for literally decades. Vaxxed [vaccinated] at birth, Mela got sick at age 2 with bacterial meningitis. She spent a month in Children’s Hospital, where a brain abscess was diagnosed but surgery avoided. At age 9, an emergency Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap) showed her spinal fluid, which should be clear, was instead the color of milk. Soon, Mela woke with classic bacterial meningitis symptoms and was rushed back to Children’s, where she spent 4 long months away from family and friends, much in isolation, while undergoing multiple neurosurgeries, sometimes recovering without pain medication using only mindfulness methods.

“Back at school, Mela graduated early (and with honors and accolades!) from high school and enrolled in college at barely 17. Vaxxed again for college, Mela fell ill once again and was rushed to the student health center where she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

“Completing college with Honors in English, Mela won a national writing contest for her critical essay on needed healthcare reform in the USA from McGraw-Hill Publishers (while serving as Honor Society Treasurer). Mela went on to be a Washington Post journalist and university instructor specializing in creative methods for English as a Second Language (ESL). Then Mela was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 30 while working in the newsroom at The Washington Post (and simultaneously working as an ‘Anthrax sniffer’ there to help prevent high level reporters & politicians from being targeted!).

“Mela underwent a third lifesaving neurosurgery. After neurosurgery and traumatic brain injury devastated her blood brain barrier, her gut barrier and immunity severely tanked. Vaxxed again for grad school training in counseling and expressive arts, Mela succumbed to the ravages of Lyme while living and working on Hawaii postgrad school, worsening when also bitten by a spider on island.

“Piecing it all together, Mela found that her symptoms exploded as after each vaccination, amalgam, glyphosate, or mold ‘hit.’ Mela stopped vaccinating but it was too late, the damage was done. She developed Hashimoto’s, CFS, POTS, Lyme-induced Autism, and related distress including Pans/Pandas, encephalitis (‘brain on fire’), fibromyalgia, Sibo, and degenerative disc disease,

“Her healing journey~ mainly focusing on alleviating underlying nutritional, spiritual and trauma healing while repairing physical barriers ~ culminated in ongoing remission from Lyme through natural approaches. Greatly improved now, though still with residual Post Treatment Lyme Disease (PTLD) symptoms — including coinfections and complications, b-cell damage, post exertional (physical & cognitive) malaise (PEM), complex regional pain syndrome, and memory issues. Although she still suffers falls, seizures, and cluster headaches due to ravaging damage to her central nervous system (CNS) and muscles, as well as genetic detox and traumatic brain injury issues, Mela has found healing in stems, ozone, peptides, and by focusing on parasympathetic living. Today, Mela gladly coaches others through Lyme Health Coaching & Counseling, guiding them through stem cell and ozone treatments and related procedures including dentistry, detox/chelation and remineralization. Through her healing work, Mela is grateful to have helped thousands to heal already.”

“Learn more at for more info or resources for Lyme healing.”

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  1. @Suzanne Wallace – It’s propaganda to talk about how the vaccine negatively effected her lyme disease? This woman’s story is the truth. If you can’t handle that then you need to rethink your life.

  2. I beem sick since sep 25 2020
    Been yo so many doctors blood test come ok. One dortor told me loosin muscle.
    Have light heqdeage
    Red ears
    Muscle pain
    Light pain in my chest
    Close semsation in in my chest
    Nerve sensation in my back
    Red feet
    Air get sensitive with laugh voice
    My body shake n my heath bitting faster them normal. Need help please. l

    1. This Women’s story is very anti vaccine and I believe in vaccines, I have chronic Lyme and would like a story to stay focused on Lyme , what’s with this? It feels like propaganda, maybe I’m incorrect but it’s upsetting when one with Lyme goes to a Lyme story and reads this.

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