We are honored to partner with other Lyme and tick-borne disease foundations to bring events, fundraising and awareness to the Lyme community and beyond.

We also partner with leading foundations that seek wide-ranging impacts on health, education and science. As an evidence-based science organization, we are highly selective regarding organizations with whom we develop collaborative relationships that are congruent with our mission and values. If you are interested in learning how to partner with us, please contact info@bayarealyme.org

Pivotal Supporters


The generous support of the LaureL Foundation provides funding to cover overhead expenses for Bay Area Lyme Foundation.


The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation: Inspired by Alex Cohen’s personal struggle with Lyme disease, this foundation is committed to raising awareness, advancing research and finding a cure for Lyme.


Project Lyme: focuses on prevention and awareness. In 2018 Project Lyme and Bay Area Lyme entered into a multi-year partnership in which our Science Committee became the research arm of Project Lyme. Each year we co-host the NYC Gala and a significant portion of funds raised are donated to Bay Area Lyme in support of our science grants. To date Project Lyme has raised over $1M on our behalf, in which 100% goes to research grants.  “We trust Bay Area Lyme with our funds because of their rigorous science agenda” – Jennifer Weiss, founder Project Lyme.




MyLymeData: Ground-breaking patient-powered research project tracks information and progress of Lyme disease patients.


NDRIThe National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI) is a not-for-profit organization with over 40 years of experience in providing human organs and tissue from a diverse pool of normal and diseased donors to support the advancement of biomedical research. Their partnership with our Lyme Disease Biobank, enables NDRI to obtain biospecimens from all body systems. NDRI utilizes a prospective procurement model and project-specific collection protocols to provide biospecimens that meet the experimental needs of each project.


liveon.orgLiveOn.org is a non-profit community established to support the millions of chronically ill who suffer from post-infection diseases, such as ME, long-COVID, POTS, EDS, MCAS, NCS, Chronic Lyme/MSIDS, among others. These are multisystemic diseases that simultaneously affect the brain, nerves, muscles and most every vital organ–manifesting as chronic pain, cognitive dysfunction, and fatigue. Through awareness, education, personal stories, and digital connection, they are striving to help those who are suffering, their caregivers, and the healthcare community come together to support, to encourage, and to find solutions that shorten the journey to a better quality of life.


AJGA - American Junior Golf Association

American Junior Golf Association: The AJGA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the overall growth and development of young men and women who aspire to earn college golf scholarships through competitive junior golf. Click here for more about our partnership.


Lymelight Foundation: Provides Lyme disease treatment grants to eligible children and young adults to raise awareness about Lyme disease.


Center for Lyme ActionCenter for Lyme Action: In 2019, a group of dedicated advocates and Lyme disease foundations came together to support a new initiative to grow federal funding for Lyme disease. Bay Area Lyme Foundation, Alexandra Cohen, Project Lyme and Laure Woods saw the need to create a new organization and became founding charter members of Center for Lyme Action.


There are many other important organizations and individuals making a difference in the world of Lyme. We salute our fellow warriors walking with us in the fight against Lyme and tick-borne infections:


LivLyme: Children’s support and treatment. We envision a world without Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Our mission is to provide funding for Lyme and tick-borne disease treatment and research, while delivering tick education and awareness around the globe.

Lyme Awareness MN: Raising Awareness and Raising Funds to fight against Lyme Disease in MN

LymeDisease.org: Advocating nationally for those with Lyme.

LymeTV: An all-volunteer team of staff & board members dedicated to advocating the dangers of tick-borne diseases with programs including: film projects (ongoing new scientific documentary, PSA commercial series, & more); health education in schools; & community outreach.

PA Lyme Resource Network: Dedicated to providing Lyme disease education, patient support and advocacy in Pennsylvania since 2012.

We also partner with public organizations and community education providers to provide tick-bite prevention to their employees, and the communities they serve, through programs and materials.


California State Parks

San Mateo County Parks

Monterey Regional Park District




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