Competitive Racer & Chief
Running Officer, Runner’s World

Infected: Multiple times, first in 1990 and most recently (the 4th time) in 2017
Current health: “I listen to my body and do what I can do.”

I hope that others with Lyme disease can look at this and say, I can do this. I can beat this thing. I just need to get out there and make it happen.  -Bart Yasso

Bart Yasso, known throughout the sport as the “Mayor of Running,” recently retired from his role as Chief Running Officer and a 30-year career at Runner’s World to focus on his recovery from Lyme disease. He is one of few people to have completed more than 1000 races on all seven continents from 10Ks to ultra marathons. He also contracted Lyme on four different occasions, and is now battling crippling debilitations from chronic Lyme.

Read about Bart’s legendary running career and battle with Lyme disease in this article by Jennifer Sheehan of The Morning Call, in his memoir Life On the Run, or on his website,

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  1. Hello Sir, your story gives me hope! I am a golf professional and feel I’ve been dealing with Lymes Disease for the past decade. Like yourself I feel good for a month after antibiotics but never lasts too long. How do I go about getting a permanent solution to feeling myself again? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Hi Bart…..My name is Susan and im 63 years old living in the UK……something happened to me 3 years ago and I believe I may have Lymes…..ive been tested twice by blood tests which were negative……what tests did you have 4 times to diagnosed it ?

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