Lyme Disease Pet InfectionsThe ticks that transmit Lyme disease to humans can also infect pets and livestock including dogs, cats, horses, and cattle. Here are some things you should know about Lyme disease and your pets:

  • Signs of Lyme disease in pets can take 2-5 months to appear
  • Lameness and joint pain (arthritis) may show up. The knee and elbow areas are particularly vulnerable and you may see your pet’s lameness shift from leg to leg
  • You may also notice change in behavior. Your pet could seem lethargic or depressed
  • If you have found and removed a tick on your pet and see any of the above symptoms, call your veterinarian immediately
  • Veterinary tick control products may help to reduce the presence of ticks on your pets. Most vet clinics carry such products
  • Your pet’s doctor could also recommend antibiotics, vaccinations against future bites, and/or over-the-counter tick control products

For more information about prevention and how to keep your pets safe, see Lyme Disease in Pets.