Shasta County, CA
Infected: 2006
Diagnosed: 2011
Current health: “I have problems related to some mutations, [but] other than that, I am doing ok.”

“I am a chronic Lyme disease survivor who contracted the disease in the foothills of Bella Vista, California in 2006, but was not diagnosed until receiving treatment from a doctor in southern California in 2011. I tested positive for Lyme disease and all the related co-infections (testing was completed by IGeneX Inc.).

“I underwent treatment from 2011 to 2015, which included three years of antibiotic use with one year of a PICC. I also was fortunate to have one of the best diets around. In 2015, I moved back to Bella Vista and started my own business.

Today, I have problems related to some mutations that were found in my genes during treatment (low vitamin D and B12). Other than that, I am doing o.k.”

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