Sarah Herbert_Backpack_250Recently we received this letter from a young Lyme sufferer who took the initiative and leveraged her frustration from battling Lyme disease and the hope that her recent diagnosis has now brought to create this powerful educational video about the disease and how to stay safe.

Sarah H. was diagnosed with Lyme in 2014 after battling the symptoms for more than 20 years without an accurate diagnosis. You can read more about her personal Lyme story here on our Faces of Lyme feature and see another of her prevention videos.

Dear Bay Area Lyme Foundation,

​I have taken a bite out of Lyme disease by creating this educational video … I was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease last year during my first semester in the accelerated nursing program at Duke University. My health issues have prevented me from attending school regularly, so I have decided to join the movement to educate others about Lyme from my home. I developed the video as a tool for the non-medical population to educate their families and friends about the disease. I am grateful for you all you do for our community. Let’s keep up the good fight!


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