The Wilke Lyme Disease Project is a three-year study that will leverage the tools and technologies of systems biology to understand the fundamentals of Lyme disease, identify biomarkers, and gain insights about the genomics and proteomics of the infecting Borrelia organism. This project was made possible through the award of $2.13 million in transformational gifts to the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, Washington, from Jeff and Liesl Wilke, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, and the Bay Area Lyme Foundation.

The project has brought together scientific, technology, and clinical experts from all over the country and “is an imperative step toward understanding the longitudinal dynamics of the acute disease, which is essential to tackling chronic Lyme.” The study will be under the direction of ISB president Dr. Lee Hood, who will serve as the principal investigator, working with a team of ISB researchers and Johns Hopkins University collaborators.

Read the ISB press release here.

Learn more about the project, including Liesl Wilke’s story here.


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