Research Approach

At Bay Area Lyme Foundation, we are committed to making Lyme disease easy to diagnose and simple to cure. We see that happening by an infusion of private capital and visionary scientific leadership.  

Lyme disease is one of the largest and fastest growing infectious diseases in the country and yet research remains significantly underfunded relative to comparable illnesses. It has yet to reap the benefit of the latest medical technology and newer scientists are drawn to other fields. Our goal is to change that dynamic, bringing new talent, technology, and momentum to the field.

Our core approach is simple:
  • Identify world class scientists to collaborate on projects and build treatments or tests
  • Leverage results with the investment and biotech community in Silicon Valley and beyond
  • Shepherd new tests and treatments to market and into the hands of patients
To accelerate progress, we:
  • Attract new talent and funding to the field
  • Create scale by dramatically expanding the supply and dissemination of quality clinical samples 
  • Ensure the potential of cutting-edge technology is applied to Lyme
  • Foster collaboration across disciplines, institutions and sectors

Our science agenda includes important projects for 2014 and beyond. We have grouped these projects into three primary areas:

Click here for a closer look at our projects and collaborations so far.


World Class Scientists

Stanford's BioADD Laboratory to Launch Combination Therapy Clinical Trial


New Talent

Bay Area Lyme announces recipients of 1st annual  Emerging Leader Award

Award Emerging Leader Award


Stanford Lyme Disease Working Group (SLWDG) established at Stanford Medical

Bay Area Lyme Fund Stanford Campus


Toward a National Lyme Biorepository

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