Andriy Batchinsky MD
Senior Scientist, Geneva Foundation

Dr. Batchinsky is a general surgeon by training and a translational scientist by passion. He received his MD degree from Uzhgorod State University and general surgery residency training at the State University in Lviv, Ukraine. After practicing as an emergency trauma surgeon in Ukraine, Dr. Batchinsky joined the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research as a National Research Council Fellow in 2001 and, subsequently in 2004, as a research scientist. He currently serves as a Senior Scientist at the Geneva Foundation.

Dr. Batchinsky has a special interest in minimally invasive wearable and expeditionary extracorporeal life-support (ECLS) for treatment of lung and multiorgan failure; resuscitation of patients with massive severe combined injuries and exsanguination using modern ECLS and developing biologically friendly heparin-free ECLS. With his recent ELA award, Dr. Batchinsky will be applying this expertise towards treatment of Lyme disease. He has personal motivation as his daughter is currently struggling with Lyme and co-infections. He is extremely committed to this effort and plans to leverage his research facilities and medical expertise toward finding an effective treatment.

Dr. Batchinsky is a reviewer for a number of medical journals, is a member of multiple societies, past president of the International Society for Complexity in Acute Illness, and founder and director of the Department of Translational Medicine at the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine at Brooks City Base in San Antonio, Texas.

His therapeutic project was selected for the 2023 Emerging Leader Award, a $150,000 grant.