2018 Emerging Leader Award Recipient ($100,000 grant), Steven Phillips, MD
Principal Investigator for Kyronyx Biosciences

A world-renowned expert on zoonotic infections, Dr. Phillips has treated over 20,000 patients from over 20 countries. He is well-published in the peer-reviewed medical literature, acclaimed for his work in linking chronic diseases, and specializes in the management of stealth pathogens, which include Lyme disease, bartonellosis, babesiosis, and other vector-borne diseases. He is currently involved in drug development to bring public a durable and effective treatment for this infection and change the face of rheumatology forever. His project, detailed below, was selected for the 2018 Emerging Leader Award, a $100,000 grant.

Project Overview
Based on new evidence that persistent pathogens can evade the current therapies, Dr. Phillips and his team will perform initial testing of a novel therapeutic strategy aimed at more effectively eliminating stealth tick-borne disease infections. They will then test their compounds in vitro to determine whether they have superior efficacy against standard-of-care therapeutics. This Emerging Leader Award will fund the first phase of a two-part research project for a Lyme and Bartonella therapy.