John Branda_ELA Award RecipientAssistant Professor, Harvard Medical School and Assistant Pathologist, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

Dr. Branda is an Assistant Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School (HMS), and an Assistant Pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). He is Associate Director of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratories at MGH, and Director of the Clinical Laboratory at Nantucket Cottage Hospital and one of the 2015 Bay Area Lyme Foundation Emerging Leader Award recipients. After receiving his MD degree from HMS in 2000, he completed residency training in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at MGH, followed by a fellowship in Clinical Microbiology at MGH.  He joined the MGH faculty in the Department of Pathology in 2004.  His research interests include improving patient care through the development of new diagnostic testing strategies and optimizing utilization of laboratory tests and antimicrobial agents.  He has a special interest in diagnostic testing for tick-borne illnesses, such as Lyme borreliosis, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and tularemia.