Emerging Leader Award

AwardOn April 27, 2014, Bay Area Lyme Foundation will announce the winner of a $100,000 grant to a promising early career scientist who embodies the future leadership in Lyme disease research.

Why an Emerging Leader Award?

Founded on the principle that Lyme disease should be easy to diagnose and simple to cure, Bay Area Lyme Foundation wants to inspire the most promising minds to develop novel Lyme diagnostics and therapies.

Who qualifies for the Emerging Leader Award?

Candidates for the Emerging Leader Award should have the following qualifications:
  • PhD, MD or MD/PhD degree
  • Appropriate initial training in biomedical research (i.e., minimum two or three year post-doctoral or fellowship training) and demonstrated professional and scientific leadership
  • Post-doc, fellow or junior faculty member in the early stages of career
  • Affiliated with an academic, industry or other research institution
  • Under the mentorship of an experienced laboratory-based investigator, educator or clinician
  • Exhibited scientific curiosity and an established pattern of creative thinking
  • Developed a defined approach to improved diagnostics or therapies for Lyme disease
  • Demonstrated strong institutional commitment for individual’s career development

How will applications be evaluated by the foundation?

  • Ability of research to create a novel diagnostic or therapy for Lyme disease
  • Concept has strong supporting scientific rationale (perhaps validated in another field)
  • Applicant has strong ability to execute grant award and can demonstrate PI and institution support
  • Applicant has track record for project execution
  • Application shows funding sufficient to generate initial proof of concept within 12 – 18 months

When is the deadline?

Applications must be received by midnight Pacific time on February 15, 2014.

If you qualify and are interested, what you should do next?

Please submit an application and send to award@bayarealyme.org.


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