Board of Directors

Laure Woods


Bonnie Crater
Vice President


Linda Giampa

Executive Director

Dianne Barney
Controller/Office Manager

Jo Ellis
Education Outreach

Kate Misskelley
Donor Relations Director

Wendy Adams
Program Consultant

Kris Schmidt
Program Coordinator

Board of Directors

Laure L. Woods, President, Board Of Directors

Laure WoodsI continue to struggle with late-stage Lyme disease. If only I had gotten an accurate diagnosis and had been treated earlier, my life would be so much different. My goal as a President of Bay Area Lyme Foundation is to ensure that we develop reliable diagnostics and a cure so that others don’t have to go through what I have. It is awful.

Laure Woods offers a unique perspective to Bay Area Lyme Foundation as a clinical researcher and a person with late-stage Lyme disease. Her clinical research experience includes trials for treatment of cystic fibrosis, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, cancer and infant nutrition. She has held clinical research positions at California Bay Area companies like Matrix Pharmaceutical and Genelabs Technologies. Early in her career, she founded Woods Consulting, Inc., to advise companies that test the safety and efficacy of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use. Laure is the President and Founder of Laurel Foundation, a private foundation focused on the education, health and welfare of children, and serves on the Board of the L.K. Whittier Foundation, a private foundation focused on medical and technology research. Ms. Woods holds a BS in Animal Science from the University of California at Davis.

Bonnie Crater, Vice President, Board of Directors, Chair Science Committee

Bonnie CraterI founded Bay Area Lyme Foundation with my friends to help end their suffering. I fundamentally believe we can stop this disease. With the right talent and entrepreneurial approach, we can find a cure for Lyme. 

Bonnie Crater chairs the Science Committee which drives our research agenda, champions innovation, and seeks partners to chart new paths in Lyme research. She brings her background in biology, extensive experience in Silicon Valley, boundless energy, and an entrepreneurial spirit to Bay Area Lyme Foundation. Bonnie is currently President and CEO at Full Circle CRM, and a ten-year veteran of Oracle Corporation and its various subsidiaries. She has held senior executive positions at companies like Zelerate, VoiceObjects, Realization, Genesys, Netscape, Network Computer Inc.,, and Stratify. She currently serves on the board of the CB Wellness Foundation and on the Town of Portola Valley’s Nature and Science Committee. Ms. Crater holds an AB in Biology from Princeton University.

Advisory Board

Wendy Adams, Program Advisor and Advisory Board Member

Wendy A.After suffering from undiagnosed Lyme disease for many years, I am passionate about the development of reliable diagnostics and improved treatment for this devastating disease. I now have the opportunity to marry my avocation with my professional experience in biotech and I am excited to do this through my work at Bay Area Lyme Foundation.

Wendy Adams joined the Bay Area Lyme Foundation in 2012.  As a member of the science committee and Advisory Board, she provides strategic research advice and identifies, vets and manages our research opportunities, including the Lyme Disease Biobank. Her unique perspective and knowledge as a former Lyme patient—as well as her background in finance, strategy and business development for companies like Cowen, Genentech and Aviron—make her skill set uniquely valuable to BAL. Wendy has spent over 20 years in the biotechnology field and most recently served as Chief Business Officer at Full Spectrum Genetics, Inc., an antibody engineering company pursuing programs in immuno-oncology and autoimmune disease. Previously, she ran B2DC LLC, a business development consultancy to biotech clients in infectious and autoimmune disease, respiratory disease, oncology, drug delivery and neurology. Wendy holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, where she also served on the faculty in Entrepreneurship, and an AB in Comparative Area Studies from Duke University.

Gayle Collat, Advisory Board Member

Gayle CollatI helped found the Bay Area Lyme Foundation after seeing some of my friends suffer from late-stage Lyme disease: they had been misdiagnosed and not given proper treatment for years. Lyme is a disease that with education and early medical treatment can be prevented or cured, but right now there is no known cure for late-stage Lyme. Our goal is to make Lyme easy to diagnose and simple to cure.

Gayle Collat brings an entrepreneurial spirit, marketing savvy, and experience in developing health promotion and educational programs to Bay Area Lyme Foundation. As the Founder and CEO of Corporate Muscle, a worksite health promotion company, Gayle designed and staffed corporate wellness programs throughout the US and a corporate office in Cork, Ireland for a variety of large corporate clients including EMC, Lotus Development, Sun Life Insurance, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Her marketing background also includes work on promotional and media campaigns for Westinghouse and International Medical Centers as well as an award-winning advertisement for the French car company Citroen, featuring Grace Jones. She began her career at Greene County Mental Health Center in New York working as a family therapist. During that time she also founded the Early Childhood Learning Center, a school that trained parents and teachers of handicapped children in infant stimulation techniques. Ms. Collat holds a BA in Psychology at the Western Michigan University, with a focus in Behavioral Science.

Lia Gaertner, Advisory Board Member

Lia GaertnerTick-borne diseases are easy to contract from a tiny tick the size of a poppy seed, yet the diseases are disproportionately difficult to diagnose and cure. It is critical to bring together scientists, health providers, policy makers, and the public in collaboration towards the goal of improving diagnostic tools and effective treatment options for those who suffer from tick-borne illnesses.

Lia Gaertner is a scientist, mother, and nutrition consultant who is passionate about cultivating better research and recognition for tick-borne illnesses. She has experienced, first hand, the obstacles to effective diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne illness. She was first bitten by a Lyme-carrying tick in 1998, but was misdiagnosed until 2008. Lia is a principal at Halteres Associates, a bioscience consulting company, and she has over 20 years of international experience in scientific and field research, technical writing, teaching, and project management. She has also worked for several science and medical companies as consultant, project manager, content producer, and affiliate relations director.  Ms. Gaertner earned her BS in Environmental Science with minors in Ethnobotany and Agroecology from UC Berkeley and her MS in Ethnobotany from Cornell University. She lives in the Bay Area with her Lyme-literate physician husband, Sunjya Schweig, MD, and their two children.

Richard Horowitz, MD

Dr Richard HDr Horowitzorowitz is a board certified internist in private practice in Hyde Park, N.Y. He is medical director of the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center, an integrative medical center which combines both classical and complementary approaches in the treatment of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne disorders. He has treated over 12,000 Chronic Lyme disease patients in the last 26 years, with patients coming from all over the US, Canada, and Europe to his clinic.

He is former Assistant Director of Medicine of Vassar Brothers Hospital in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and is one of the founding members and past president elect of ILADS, the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. He is also past president of the ILADEF, the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of health care professionals on tick-borne diseases. He was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year award by the Turn the Corner Foundation for his treatment of Lyme Disease, and has dedicated his life to helping those stricken with this devastating illness. His book “Why Can’t I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease” was released through St Martin’s press, November 2013, which explains his full classical and integrative approach to helping those stricken with tick borne diseases and resistant chronic illness.

Gib Myers, Advisory Board Member

Gib MyersOur youngest son went four years with undiagnosed Lyme and then another four years recovering. Thankfully, he is in good shape now. My wife Susan and I crisscrossed the country looking for both a diagnosis and a cure. We are very familiar with how devastating the disease is and are excited to think that the Bay Area Lyme Foundation can make a difference.

Gib Myers was a general partner at Mayfield Fund, a venture capital partnership, from 1970 until his retirement in 1998. Prior to joining Mayfield, Gib worked for Hewlett-Packard for four years in computer systems. Gib is the founder of the Entrepreneurs Foundation, a Bay Area nonprofit with the mission of developing corporate citizenship and philanthropic efforts to benefit the community. Gib is also Vice-Chairman of American Prairie Reserve, which has the mission of assembling the largest wildlife reserve in the lower 48 states, an American Serengeti. Gib is a co-founder of the Center for Social Innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Previously, he was a member of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Board, on the President’s Leadership Council of Dartmouth College, and a senior fellow and board member of the American Leadership Forum. Mr. Myers earned an AB degree in Engineering Science from Dartmouth College in 1964 and a MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1966. Gib and his wife, Susan Myers, live in the San Francisco Bay Area, have two sons and a daughter and three grandchildren.

Susan Myers, Advisory Board Member

Susan MyersOur youngest son suffered with Lyme disease for eight years before getting well. I wish to work with others to make a difference in this devastating disease, so less people suffer from Lyme the way my son did. I am especially committed to supporting research that will create better diagnostic tools for Lyme disease.

Susan Myers serves on the board of the American Prairie Reserve, whose mission is to establish a three-million acre wildlife reserve on the high plains of Montana. The reserve some day will rival the African Serengeti. She is also a member of Impact Partners, a social interest film fund that invests in documentary films that will have a social impact. Susan and her husband, Gib Myers, live in the San Francisco Bay Area, have two sons and a daughter, and three grandchildren.

Kathleen O’Rourke, Advisory Board Member

Kathleen O'RourkeIn a state of deteriorating health for many years, I had no inkling of the cause until my son contracted an acute presentation of Lyme disease. Even with a known tick bite, it took months to find a doctor who ran the proper clinical tests to make his diagnosis. With that diagnosis and new knowledge, I discovered the cause of my own more chronic presentation of symptoms. The status of Lyme disease as an unspecified illness in the medical community is cause for alarm. I helped found Bay Area Lyme Foundation to find a cure and to remediate the lack of proper education around the issues of Lyme prevention, diagnosis and early treatment.

Kathleen O’Rourke brings a unique combination of marketing, science, and design expertise to Bay Area Lyme Foundation along with the experience of growing and managing a small business. She is a member of the Science Committee. She has worked at Oracle Corporation in product marketing, developed a design consulting business serving the California Bay Area, and founded Culinary Alchemy Inc., a gourmet food company located in Silicon Valley, CA. She also brings the dual perspective of a Lyme patient and a parent of a child with Lyme. Ms. O’Rourke holds a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University.

Carin Rollins, Advisory Board Member

Carin RollinsI know too many people affected by the debilitating symptoms of Lyme. Their stories have inspired me to do what I can to help better understand and ultimately conquer this disease using the tools I have learned throughout my biotechnology career.

Carin Rollins is working to progress promising technologies and products ultimately into clinical use.  She has an in-depth understanding of the field of Lyme disease and experience in the biotechnology sector having been in biotech equity research, management consulting and venture capital with Robertson Stephens & Company, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Bay City Capital and 5AM Ventures.  She has served on the Board of Directors for a number of biotech companies and organizations, including Bay Area Lyme Foundation.  Ms. Rollins holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA in Biology from Colgate University.



Linda Giampa, Executive Director

It’s simple: I want to help. Several of my family members and friends have suffered with Lyme. Working with Bay Area Lyme Foundation puts me on the front line in the search for an accurate diagnosis and the battle for a cure. I’m thrilled to take my executive experience and apply it to a worthwhile cause, and truly make a difference in someone’s life.

As Executive Director, Linda brings an impressive array of expertise in sales, marketing and business development. Her experience includes executive management of technology startups as well as established market leaders. Linda was CEO of Transparency Software until 2009 when she sold it to an Israeli security company . Previously, Linda was Vice-President Worldwide Operations at Versata. In that role, Linda was responsible for all customer-facing activities including sales, marketing and consulting services. Early in her career, Linda held various marketing and sales roles at Oracle, building and managing successful sales teams during Oracle’s explosive growth years from early 1986 through 1994. Leveraging her experience from Oracle, Linda developed marketing and sales organizations for a number of successful startup organizations, Most recently, she ran her own executive consulting business, helping companies bring emerging technologies to market. In that capacity, Linda was able to raise over $70M in venture funds for her companies. Ms. Giampa holds a BS in Computer Science from University of North Carolina.

Dianne Barney, Controller & Office Manager

I have always enjoyed the outdoors whether it be hiking, backpacking or walking the many beautiful trails in the Bay Area.  Working at Bay Area Lyme has opened my eyes to the debilitating consequences that Lyme disease has on both young and old if not diagnosed early and/or correctly. I am proud to be a part of a team dedicated to the mission of finding the cure and helping people get back their lives.

Dianne Barney is a native to the San Francisco Bay Area with a variety of experience in accounting, finance, grant administration, and general office administration.  Her most recent experience was as an Administrative Director for a large family foundation, where she was responsible for the accounting, grant management, and general administration of the organization.  Prior to that, she served as a Controller for several companies in the Bay Area. Dianne is a graduate from San Francisco State University with a business degree in finance.

Jo Ellis, Education Outreach

I know too many people whose lives have been derailed by Lyme. I love the outdoors and the stunning beauty of the Bay Area, but it is imperative that we are all informed and safe when we are outside in nature. I want to help educate everyone about this insidious disease so we can prevent more cases occurring.

Jo Ellis has over 20 years of experience developing and marketing educational programming for schools, nonprofits, and corporations. A native of the UK, Jo was Product Development Executive for BBC Education & Training, developing award-winning educational programs distributed worldwide. Here in the US, Jo worked as Director of Executive Education at Stanford and then for Charles Schwab, launching “Schwab U,” the company’s internal management education provider. When Jo started a family, she went back to school and got her Montessori teaching qualification. She received her BA/MA from Cambridge University, and a post-graduate high-school teaching certification from the University of London. Jo holds the AMI middle school teaching certification, and is a nationally recognized gifted and talented educator with Johns Hopkins University.

Kate Misskelley, Donor Relations Director

It is a rare honor to have the opportunity to focus my work on something I care deeply about. I have seen the effects of Lyme disease on several dear friends and it is a pleasure to contribute to an organization that is having a profound impact on finding a cure for long-term chronic Lyme, prevention and awareness.

Kate Misskelley plays a crucial role in managing and coordinating Special Events. Kate brings extensive experience as a consultant, director of finance, Estate Manager and a professional fundraiser serving a variety of small businesses, nonprofits, and high net worth individuals. She is the Founder of KMS Financial Systems where she continues to serve a variety of clients across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wendy Adams, Program Consultant

After suffering from undiagnosed Lyme disease for many years, I am passionate about the development of reliable diagnostics and improved treatment for this devastating disease. I now have the opportunity to marry my avocation with my professional experience in biotech and I am excited to do this through my work at Bay Area Lyme Foundation.

Wendy Adams provides strategic research advice and helps identify, vet, and manage our research opportunities. She is a member of the Science Committee. Her unique perspective and knowledge as a Lyme patient—as well as her background in finance and business development for companies like Cowen & Company, Aviron and Affymax—make her a great addition to Bay Area Lyme Foundation. Wendy runs B2DC LLC, a business development consultancy to biotech clients in infectious and autoimmune disease, respiratory disease, oncology, drug delivery and neurology. Previously, Wendy served as Vice President of Business Development at Principia Biopharma, a drug development company focused on cancer and autoimmune disease. Wendy holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, where she also served on the faculty in Entrepreneurship, and an AB in Comparative Area Studies from Duke University.

Kris Schmidt, Program Coordinator

I am out on the local trails constantly, hiking with  Luke, my rescue dog, and whoever else will go with me, and have always been aware of the hazards, from mountain lions to downed trees, but didn’t realize until recently how prevalent Lyme has become. I was excited to join Bay Area Lyme Foundation to do whatever I can to help with this important cause.

Kristina brings her leadership and organizational skills to event planning, internal operations, outreach, and fundraising efforts. Kristina has a diverse background including law school, financial services, and entrepreneurship, as co-founder of a successful events business that thrived during the dot-com boom. Her passion for getting things done and keeping people moving help keep us all on track. Three teenagers keep her busy when she’s not at the office.