Initiated with a Fund-A-Need campaign at Bay Area Lyme Foundation’s annual LymeAid® benefit (May 2014), we have enrolled more than 900 participants from 8 collection sites on the East Coast, in Upper Midwest, Southern California, and in the Bay Area, California. Each participant’s donation provides samples for ~50 research projects, with aliquots of whole blood (1 and 2 ml), serum (250 μl), and urine (1 ml). Several larger aliquots (5 ml) are also available. Detailed clinical information and testing data are also collected to better characterize samples. Currently, more than 50 research projects are using biobank samples.

Biobank published results:

Journal of Clinical Microbiology
The Lyme Disease Biobank – Characterization of 550 Patient and Control Samples from the East Coast and Upper Midwest of the United States

Published studies using Biobank samples:

A fluorescent plasmonic biochip assay for multiplex screening of diagnostic serum antibody targets in human Lyme disease

A Multiplexed Serologic Test for Diagnosis of Lyme Disease for Point-of-Care Use.

ACS Publications
Point-of-Care Serodiagnostic Test for Early-Stage Lyme Disease Using a Multiplexed Paper-Based Immunoassay and Machine Learning

Read our February 26, 2020 press release about Biobank results here.


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Contact Info:

Liz Horn, PhD, MBI, Principal Investigator