Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Johnson’s research group at UPenn is focused on nanostructure physics and nanoelectronics. Dr. Johnson has worked extensively in the science of carbon nanotubes, making significant contributions to understanding its thermal and electronic transport properties. More recently, he has been active in the area of vapor- and liquid-phase molecular sensing using functionalized nanotube field effect transistors, as well as graphene electronics and synthesis of wafer-scale graphene. Johnson was the recipient of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, a Packard Foundation Science and Engineering Fellowship, a Sloan Fellowship, and was selected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society, among other honors. Along with the authorship of over 150 peer-reviewed articles, Johnson holds three awarded patents, with 18 other patents submitted. Johnson is a member of the Founding Editorial Board of AIP Advances, an open access journal. He is also a scientific founder of two companies based on technology from his laboratory, Graphene Frontiers and Adamant Technologies.