Lyme Organizations TickIf struggling with Lyme, speaking with others who have the disease can be helpful.  There are numerous local and online patient support and information groups where you can turn for more answers, inspiration, empowerment, and emotional support.  Different groups have different mandates — some are about active advocacy, others more focused on providing an empathetic social network, some have regular formal meetings, and others rely on more informal interactions.  Find one that works for you. (formerly CALDA) offers a national network and directory of online Lyme disease support groups, some of which also have local chapters that meet in person.

Lyme Disease Network ( is another nonprofit organization providing support group listings.

Tired of Lyme ( is both an online support group and a referral source.

Here in the Bay Area, you may want to try one of the following support groups:

East Bay LEAPS (Lyme Education and Patient Support)

Mid Peninsula Lyme Disease Support Group (MPLDSG) (Note: this is an email link to the facilitator of the support group. Meetings are in Mountain View, CA. Email this contact for more information.)

San Francisco Lyme Disease Support Group (SFLDSG) (The SFLDSG also meets once a month, in SF. Contact the group by emailing the link provided here for more information.)

Young Women’s Lyme Support Group – Providing young women in the Lyme community a positive outlet to talk to each other and support each other through the disease. Group will meet in Redwood City the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. (Note: this is an email link to the facilitator of the support group. Email this contact for more information.)


Other places to turn for more information include:

The California Department of Public Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention