IMG_4064_crop webIf you are gearing up for outdoor education, or just prepping for a field trip that involves heading out into the outdoors, this is the perfect opportunity for you to spend 1-2 class sessions (45-60 minutes each) teaching your students about ticks, Lyme and other tick-borne diseases in a factual, non-scary way.

In many cases, if you are off to a residential outdoor school (ROSS) program, the naturalists who meet, greet and work with your students will be tick and Lyme literate. In these cases, your on-site naturalists will be in the great situation if simply REINFORCING what you have already taught your students in your classroom or science lab.

A typical one-day field trip to the outdoors where docents and naturalists are pressed for time might not offer the chance for a talk about ticks, so get that job covered in the classroom a day or two before you go. We also tried to make this fun by including a printable wordsearch and crossword puzzle!

TickSense Lesson Plans and Materials

Here is our free mini-unit on tick-bite prevention and Lyme disease that you may download. The curriculum is designed to be used in advance of taking students to an outdoor education program. The material is aligned with California 5th-6th-grade science standards. The curriculum includes:

Teacher Overview


Teacher overview of Lyme and tick-borne diseases (.pdf, 18 pages)


Tick Education Powerpoint


Teacher powerpoint to show to your students (.ppt, 11 pages)


Student Packet

Student packet and activities including word search, crossword puzzle and a STEM extension assignment (.pdf, 14 pages)


Here are individual links to the student assignments for ease of access to student worksheets and reproducible materials:

Parts of a Tick Worksheet


Parts of a tick worksheet (.pdf)

Self Check Worksheet


Self-check for ticks worksheet (.pdf)

Design your own Brochure Worksheet


Design your own brochure worksheet (.pdf)

Brochure Template


Brochure template (.pdf, two pages)

Tick Survey and Graphing Worksheet


Tick survey and graphing worksheet (.pdf, two pages)

Word search thumbnail


What do you know about ticks? Word search (.pdf, two pages)

Crossword thumbnail


Crossword puzzle (.pdf, two pages

Certificate of Completion


Student certificate of completion (.pdf)


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