marin county outdoor school_web cropWhether you are the principal/head of school of an urban, suburban, rural or outdoor school, Lyme disease should be on both yours and your staff’s radars. Educators are a vital first line of defense against the spread of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Teachers, naturalists and children need to develop heightened vigilance around ticks and tick bites. This website gives administrators, teachers and naturalists the latest hard facts on Lyme, plus we will offer kid-relevant materials that your staff can use to keep your community safe. Although primarily a research-based entity, Bay Area Lyme Foundation is committed to preventing the spread of Lyme through educational outreach. Some facts:

  • Lyme disease is the fastest-growing vector-borne disease in the US today
  • The CDC estimates that there are upwards of 400,000 new cases of Lyme annually
  • Lyme is NOT an “East Coast” disease – infected ticks have been found in ~50% of US counties
  • Lyme is year-round in some regions of the US – including California
  • Children are particularly susceptible to contracting Lyme
  • Current diagnostic tools are only 40% reliable in confirming Lyme
  • Misdiagnosis of Lyme is extremely common
  • PREVENTION is the best course of action

Tick-bite Prevention Materials for Parents and Teachers

Administrators—consider adding tick-bite prevention information to your “getting ready for outdoor education” download packet for parents and teachers. Click here for a word document in English, and click here for the Spanish version, that you may cut-and-paste into your existing materials for packing lists and pre-outdoor education preparation information.

Education FlyerDistribute tick-bite prevention protocol and procedures to your naturalists and staff. Click here for an informational flyer for educators that you can post at your school.


Tick Bite DocumentationIf a child is bitten while visiting your facility, you want to be sure the correct information goes home to parents. Click here for a form in English and Spanish that you may download and copy so you can be confident that parents are informed about their options following a tick bite.


Insect Shield Order FormShare tick-bite prevention options by treating clothing with Permethrin. Click here for information about InsectShield and an order form for treating your clothing with Permethrin.


Educational Curriculum for Teachers

Share our TickSense curriculum with class teachers planning to accompany their students to outdoor education so that they can teach students tick-bite prevention tips BEFORE they come to your facility:

Student Packet

TickSense Curriculum: Student Packet (.pdf, 14 pages)


Teacher Overview

TickSense Curriculum: Teacher Overview (.pdf, 18 pages)


Tick Education Powerpoint

TickSense Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt, 11 pages)


Administrators may contact Bay Area Lyme to learn the correct protocols and procedures when dealing with a tick bite incident.

Free In-Service for Your Staff

Invite Bay Area Lyme Foundation to your outdoor school to offer free in-service programming for your naturalists and staff. For a description of the workshop and more information click here.

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