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  1. I had discovered a red ring called the “EM” with a striking white skin in the middle on the inside of the left my upper leg in June 2018. I did not immediately think of a bite of a tick but I am every day about 4 to 5 hours outside on the Oude Maas, but also in the Valckensteynse forest (make films on YouTube).

    From June 2018 I suffered from severe hip pain (and now also since a week also huge burning knee pain and right shoulder is now starting to hurt) which keeps getting worse and can not be solved with the painkiller `DICLOFENAC 50mg` that the general practitioner prescribed on my visit on 22-11-2018. I can not walk more than a few steps or a few meters without support and the more I do something the worse I burn my joints in my hip and knee.

    I had not yet told my doctor about that red ring on my thigh. The painkillers did not help at all to my doctor’s surprise and then I told about the red ring to my doctor and gave me a blood sample for research of the spirochete Borrelia at STAR. On 10-12-2018 there was a negative result from what this bizarre bacteria is very `normal` because that bacterium is hidden in my organs and joints and can no longer be traced in the bloodstream.

    I can no longer walk without support, have bought a walker, and I can also no longer sleep everything on my hip but now my knee is as it were in the fire no matter how I lie in bed then I can shedding the pain.

    Unfortunately, I can not afford voluntary work for assistance and in a short period of time I have become a disabled wreck of a healthy man and I think with the current limited knowledge about the bizarre Borrelia bacteria that I will never get rid of.

    That I am now rapidly losing my body completely due to the unrecognized lyme disease that I find much less bad for myself than for my beloved dog Baro with whom I had a very special relationship. What are we going to miss each other, but it just does not go anymore I am in a fast downward spiral and see no salvation I am trapped in my body every effort is punished with enormous pain and gets worse every day there comes an end to my care for my darling Baro.

    Because the time is coming to an end that I can no longer take care of him as it is now every movement makes me more and more sick and can not sleep anymore and I will have to take him back to the shelter in Vlissingen one day if I can have taken him from the car I bought for Baro to let him enjoy the sea last summer. And that’s what I think is the worst – where he will end up and then he gets a good new owner that he can live for years? Try to put it off for a while before I put his basket, blanket and things in the car for our last trip together and then think about that nice time together!

    Thank you, dear Baro, for what you have done for me!

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