Elet Hall is nothing short of a marvel. This amazing athlete is a four-time competitor on American Ninja Warrior, where he is known as “The Natural” for his seemingly effortless runs. The first two years he successfully made it to the Las Vegas finals despite suffering from undiagnosed Lyme disease. Shortly after the 2013 finals, he woke up one day with facial paralysis and his joints and limbs numbed with fatigue. After being diagnosed and successfully treated for Lyme disease, he again returned in 2014 to triumph in his third attempt at the competition. After dominating Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the national finals, Elet finally succumbed to the floating doors in Stage 3, coming in 2nd place in his third attempt at the competition.

This year, Elet again returned to the ANW stage, with a dominating “run of the night” at the 2015 Pittsburgh Qualifiers. (Check out Elet’s facebook page for the video!and then headed to the Pittsburgh City Finals on August 10th. At the finals, Elet had a tough run, narrowly surviving a missed grab on the monkey bars before finally slipping on the last few doorknobs. Even with the surprising fall, however, Hall still was among the fastest finalists, qualifying him to move on to Las Vegas for the national finals and the battle for a $1 million grand prize. [Read here for more about the August finals.) Unfortunately it was not Elet’s year to walk away with the grand prize but we will be rooting for him in next year’s competition!!

Here in a November 2014 excerpt from a longer story on our Faces of Lyme feature, he shares some perspective about the challenges of fighting Lyme disease as an athlete:

“I’m learning to manage, and I CAN still train. In fact during exercise is the clearest I usually feel. But I have to pay very close attention to how far I push myself.

My essentials for continuing to progress as an Lyme athlete:

1. Proper hydration to stave off muscle cramps and numbness/tingling in my fingers and toes when I become acutely dehydrated. I drink a gallon of water a day.

2. Eating clean. I don’t follow a specific diet plan but in order to reduce inflammation it’s important to keep track of what foods help you manage it. I eat mostly fruits and veggies, rice and beans, chicken, and eggs. Dairy doesn’t affect my inflammation but refined sugar and red meat do.

3. Sleep! Get enough! How much is up to you. If at all possible I try to take a quick nap before 1 pm. I feel almost like my old self in the few hours following this. It’s so important to get enough sleep to help our overtaxed CNS to recover.

4. Supplements – I use a lot of supplements and what I’ve found is a good effect. I’ve looked over the studies regarding most of them and experimented personally to find what does and doesn’t work for me. If you have the resources, I’d recommend you do the same. My mainstays: Probiotics – the immune system is built in the gut, a healthy gut will help fight your infection and help produce healthy neurotransmitter levels; Fish Oil – reduces inflammation, improves brain and nerve function; B vitamins – improve energy production, brain and nerve function; Ginkgo Biloba – improves blood flow to the brain, has been shown to help improve memory retention and speed; Glucosamine & Chondroitin – the building blocks of cartridge and connective tissue, provides resources necessary to regenerate joints.

5. Caffeine! I was never a coffee drinker before Lyme disease but it sure helps now. When I need to perform on a particularly bad day, a little jolt always helps. I can’t drink a whole cup or muscle cramps, palpitations, and dizziness occur. But there is a green zone where it definitely improves my performance, focus, memory, and direction. It’s like turning on the fog lights.

In the past few months some of my symptoms have been getting worse again. I don’t have insurance so I can’t affordably seek medical advice, but I’ve been able to manage pretty well so far. I’d like to hear what other people have found that works and also what doesn’t. So leave me a comment or shoot me a message with what you do!”

Read Elet’s full story here.

And check out this video of Elet being interviewed by WBAL in Baltimore talking about the challenges of competing and dealing with Lyme and his 2015 ANW run.

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  1. Elet, I wish I had some advice for you and your followers, unfortunately Lyme is mysterious and the medical profession isn’t up to speed on post- treatment damages. I’ve had Lyme for 7 months — had the bull’s eye so treatment was prompt. The residual damage was limited to the plantar fascia which tightened the Achilles tendons, which made my calf muscle very very tight. The foot doctor put me on vitamin B1 and B6 to try to help the nerve damage, I do not have sugar. I’ve also started specific exercises to strengthen and relax the stated muscles. I hope you continue to improve along with people reading this.

    Mike Swartzmiller

  2. I have Lymes and I was diagnosed 3 years ago, but I was bitten about 7 years ago. I have been treated by an MD. with antibiotics (Doxicilian) It did help at first, but now I rely on diet. I am happy to read that others are interested in Lyme. I am interested in talking about it with others.

  3. Hi All,

    I just wanted to give a followup. Yesterday, I had a live blood assessment. I’ve done several of these to see how my wet- and dry-blood is looking. After all those EBOO treatments my dry blood looks great… Lymphatics are much improved. Metals are way down. Adrenals are still a little fatigued. The wet blood looks better somewhat. The plasma is much much cleaner.. Also, parasites are gone… Mycoplasma is not visible anymore either..

    Unfortunately the bad news… Lyme colonies everywhere..The ozone is not breaking the biofilm! There seems to be an invisible shield surrounding each colony. The colonies look like fibrin, But i’ve seen pics of fibrin in the blood and it is slightly different. The lines are not crisscrossing in a cluster. These are more straight lines – possibly spirochetes surrounded by an invisible shield. I say it’s invisible because the RBC’s never touch them or even come close. As they are passing they appear to be going around a bubble. Probably biofilm. It’s very disheartening.

    So now I’m considering some heavy-duty enzymes… Bolouke, Silkworm, Natto … systemic enzymes. I’ve done these before — not sure if it was helping. But now that all the crud is out of my bloodstream except for these colonies it will be easier to see if it’s having an effect when I do another follow up live-blood analysis.

    I’m also considering EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid). I know I’ve been against chelation because of it disrupting mineral levels. Anecdotally, when I sample EDTA due to high lead levels, I feel severely wiped out. I know they use EDTA for atheriosclerosis because it breaks the calcium matrix. Now I’m thinking it was breaking these Lyme colonies up as well. I literally feel like I’ve been hit by a truck when I take it. So this might be the rub. Having to take something that will strip some zinc and calcium among other minerals but necessary to disrupt the bubble the Lyme appear to be living in.

    I will first try the systemic enzymes as well as Haritaki (supposed to help with biofilm as well) and then take another look before I try the EDTA. Hopefully one of these protocols will work. But I think it’s imperative to break this matrix or I’m going to do a lot of harm to myself with antibiotics with not much benefit.

    Best to all,

    1. Research grapefruit seed extract. My LLMD has me taking it 3 times a day to break down the biofilm.

  4. You are such an inspiration, man. Truly heroic.

    I’m still fighting 3.5 years. I had a dual issue — heavily exposed to mold, when I dumped the mold using shoemaker protocol, it turned out Lyme was behind it.

    I’m ready to succumb to antibiotics. I’m hoping to completely resolve this disease. I’ve studied and studied, have mountains of supplements, and been on several herbal protocols.

    The interesting angle I am pursuing is the immune system. We all know our immunity gets taxed with Lyme but what came first, immune dysfunction or Lyme disease? I’m beginning to think immune. It’s humbling because we all want to believe we just got an unlucky bite. But I think many people are exposed and don’t ever get sick.

    My LLMD is running an immune challenge test to see if I can hold on to antibody levels after an inoculation for pneumonia. If not, after we do some heavy eradication with all the usual antibiotics including daptomycin (supposed to be the sh*& for persister cells) she might put me on intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) to keep my immune system boosted. You can fight Lyme disease all day long with herbals and detox but it’s all just chasing tails if the immune system is down.

    In an effort to avoid IVIG, after the antibiotics I plan on flying to UK for a faecal transplant at the Taymount Clinic. Thanks to the FDA for banning it here. Unless c diff.. I think FMT (Faecal Microbiota Transplant) is a waste of money and time unless you get your load down. For those that can’t afford a faecal, I’m hearing good things with Bravo Probiotics. They have suppositories as well that are supposed to rebuild the gut ecosystem. I am going to do that before and after antibiotics treatment and see how my gut stacks up with a uBiome microbiota test. I think this is invaluable to see how rich and diverse our guts are compared to healthy people.

    Also on my list after I get the load down is stem cells. Hopefully that can rebuild immunity as well. As a prep I’ve been doing ozone quite extensively. I purchased an EBOO unit which is basically dialysis with ozone. I had to buy and have a nurse trained ‘cuz this is another treatment banned. I’ve done 18 treatments in 6 months. My blood was black and now it’s red again, so its helping. I can see the stagnation in my toes clearing. Hopefully this is a good prep for antibiotics. Alleviate some toxic traffic. I was hoping this was going to be the cure without antibiotics and for some it is.

    I’m also on a long term program called mineral balancing. Apparently sick people’s mineral proportions are severely out of balance, this occurs mostly due to adrenal fatigue. Our adrenals are taxed from fighting so much, our mineral levels get heavily skewed. Basically if we can force the right levels into our body to that of a healthy person, adrenals will heal, immune system will strengthen. Not to mention we’ll dump our toxic metals. Naturally, you can find a practitioner on Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s site or google “mineral balancing.”

    A lot of people do chelation to strip metal but it also strips important minerals. I’ve been on the fence with this one. But after 8 months on it, I’m seeing my aluminum and cadmium dump without having to use some harsh protocol with DMPS or DMSA so i think I’ll stay on this path. Adrenals will never fully heal if we strip those minerals.

    As far as cheap protocols I think its imperative we all take methyl folate and methyl b12. Everybody I’ve seen with Lyme has issues with methylation which are the building blocks for detox.

    Best of luck in the finals. Good vibes, my friend. Hope we all can live the lives we were meant for.


  5. I am an RN of 30 years with a certification in Natural Health. I was bitten four weeks ago and was only able to get treated five days ago. Immediately after finding the rash, I started on Silver Shield liquid by Nature’s Sunshine. Rash immediately began to disappear and I began a die-off of the bug (Herxheimers reaction). When my MD found out what I took he told me to stay on it. I did 1 TBS three times per day x 2 weeks. Dr. Gordon Pederson has listed his recommendations for killing Lyme with this same silver. Does not turn you blue. I have suffered with brain symptoms the most. Augmentin antibiotic kicked in this week and I feel more like myself. The supplements you’re taking are right on. I also had a brain injury back in 2008 and those supplements restored me back to work again. and then this hit.

    You are an encouragement to me. When I was feeling so scattered for the past 3 weeks, watching you push on in the competition reminded me that I can too! Research shows we only use 0.0001% of our brain, so we’ve got lots of ability we haven’t tapped into yet. I have found that “focusing” on music, reading the bible aloud, and concentration activities seems to make my brain feel less scattered. Watched a video that explained that thinking is the only thing that makes both sides of the brain to work together and heals dendrites. This illness tends to cause me to feel like both sides of my brain aren’t balanced and working together. My coordination has been off. I took the “north pole” homeopathic for a few days (from my health food store) and it caused my brain to feel like both sides were working better together now. Was very cheap to take.

    Hope this hasn’t been overwhelming but helpful. I have a neurologist appointment on Friday and if I find out anything helpful, I will share.

  6. I just got diagnosed with chronic lyme last November. Had back pain my entire life and last year in June I was training for grandma’s marathon and became ill the night before my marathon. I had tingly sensations throughout my body and feet were numb. Ran the marathon. Then symptoms got worse. Went to doctor and ER in July. Two days after I got out of ER O did the Tough Mudder run. Then I got deathly ill — only 2 of my organs were functioning and I was home alone most of the time through it all, bedridden, for about 6 months. Saw a lyme-literate MD in October and started antibiotics. Then in December, I did electral-dermal screening with herbs and homeopathic remedies. In March, I was praying to God and he saved my life. I got into an appointment one minute after praying to do NAET, an allergy-elimination technique, because I became allergic to absolutely everything so I couldn’t eat anything for six months or sleep much at all. The treatment is clearing my allergies so it saved me and now I can have gluten, dairy, sugar, veggies, fruits, continuing the treatment once or 2 times a week. Would absolutely love to be a ninja warrior once I’m healthy enough!

    1. Hi Christin,

      I just read your posting. Great to read the part about your seeking God. I truly hope that you have connected with His Son Jesus in a personal relationship. True John 3:3 servants are rare these days. I said yes to Jesus back in ’82. God has done some awesome healing in my present season of Lyme challenge. It is a tough beast and I’m still trusting Him for further healing.

      My world-renowned Lyme specialist (Dr. Harris at http://www.pacificfrontiermedical.com) is beyond awesome and has helped both my wife & I. I, too, would love to be able to compete in the ANW challenges. My present issue is Babesia. Major attack on muscles, joints, and nerves along with intense pain from inflammation. Not fun at all! I do encourage you to stay away from all dairy and gluten. Each one is not good for many reasons. Sugar is another sneaky pest.

      Check out this site some time: http://www.healthnowmedical.com Doctor’s Vicki and Rick wrote 2 great books about gluten and dairy. Great info and reality truth about each. Milk does a body BAD! God designed it only to be consumed by the baby calf, not humans. The dairy industry duped all of us into believing that it is good for us. Just a HUGE $$$-making scam. Just like the connection that the AMA has with pharmaceutical companies. Keep us medicated but without true healing=more big $$$$ for them. Tragic and scary and sad. I will add you to my prayer list of all fellow Lyme challenged family. God is great and He is the ultimate healer.

      God’s best to you and yours.
      Dwight/ JOHN 8:51 Live ready

  7. I’ve been following Dr. Marty Ross in Seattle, WA. Four items that really helped me are Banderol, Samento (herbal antimicrobials that kill Lyme bugs); curcumin (reduces inflammation); and glutathione (Tri-Fortify Orange Liposomal glutathione, antioxidant). These items can be purchased online without a prescription. All but the curcumin can cause herxing so if you decide to try these, start with the smallest dose.

    You are an inspiration on ANW. If I were to attempt one tenth of what you do I would succumb to a massive bout of fatigue. Best wishes for finding a way to keep on going with this terrible disease.

    (PS I think the previous comment should say Dr. Norton Fishman – not Fishmonger.)

  8. Check out Dr. Norton Fishmonger in Rockville, MD. He saved me from chronic lyme. He does vitamin c drips and antibiotics formulas. I had it so bad I had to have a GPS to get to work. I was clearing my lot and found the ticks were thick. Such is life.

  9. I am a three-year diagnosed, twenty-plus-year sufferer of chronic Lyme disease with several co[infection]s. I have been trying to find a workout routine that will help me to build muscle (almost non-existent from being sedentary for almost 2 yrs). I have been doing cardio: swimming, treadmill, outdoor walks and hikes, for almost 4! months now. I feel I am ready to up-the-intensity and start strength training. I’m not quite at crossfit level but need to do something!! Your help would be very appreciated. I’ve been praying for an answer and I saw your story on ANW just now. So inspiring. I’ve got a fire in me to be better then I was!!
    Thank you for reading this and good luck on your continued Lyme journey!!!

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