Understanding and following the proposal guidelines below will give researchers the best chance for funding approval. Please include the information below:

  • Detailed background on science or technology underlying the proposal including successful use in other indications
  • Specific aims of proposal including hypotheses, methods, statistics
  • Timeline and milestones for completing specific aims – a Gantt chart is helpful
  • Associated costs, broken down by bucket and by aim. These include:
    – Personnel
    – Materials
    – Other costs (regulatory approvals etc.)
    – As a not-for-profit foundation, BAL covers indirect costs at a 5% rate
    (Bay Area Lyme does not fund tuition or travel costs unless the researchers are invited to present results by Bay Area Lyme).
  • Your complete contact information and proposal date

Other considerations:

Our foundation is very familiar with the great need for new discoveries, diagnostics and therapeutics in Lyme disease, so there’s no need to spend much of the proposal on this topic. We do want to understand how your research will affect patients who are not easy to diagnose and treat. In particular, what is your approach to addressing early stage vs. late stage or post treatment Lyme disease?

Please note that we will often ask other scientists to review your proposal and give us feedback on scientific merit, methods and additional questions and input.

Also, please make sure the grant name, your name, and page numbers are included on every page. This makes multi page grants easier to review.

For more information or to send your grant, please email info@bayarealyme.org